Specialized Training and Human Resources Development Services Team Experiential Learning

For more than twenty five years, Team offers its services in the area of Training and Development.
Our aim is to contribute to our clients’ efforts for increasing their people’s performance through developing their level of skills and knowledge but mostly through creating the conditions for maximizing their job satisfaction.

We believe at a human-oriented approach where each person is willing to give his best self, getting back a feeling of fulfillment and satisfaction. Towards this direction, we guide executives and managers to develop a supportive environment in which people are encouraged to seek for self-improvement as well as personal and professional development.

We support human intervention to learning and growth, by reinforcing our existing methodologies, developing new programmes and services and mostly by continuously evolving ourselves.

The educational programs and individual courses designed by Team oriented to cover the substantial need for Applied Learning. Training programs in areas such as: Leadership, Management, Coaching, Team Collaboration, Team Building, Sales and Negotiation and Interpersonal Skills programs such as Presentation Skills, Communication, Emotional Intelligence, etc. take into account both the business needs of the company and the individual profile of the participants.

Areas: Team Building, Job Training, Sales Seminars, Leadership Seminars, Workshops Communication, Teamwork, Organizational Development, Crisis Management, Conflict Resolution, Corporate Climate  


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