On The Job Training System

As part of the IMPACT method On The Job Training is an essential training system targeting at bringing changes on company’s working culture. Its basic premise revolves around a Manager-Led On-the-Job-Training System.

Moreover, it stands as an answer to the ‘lack’ of the traditional training methods: the short-term effects of training.

It is an integrated development program that:

  • Supplements ‘traditional’ training methods.
  • Embraces learning in everyday practices.
  • Empowers managers to facilitate its implementation.

The approach holds benefits for both the employees and the company. Also, in comparison with ‘traditional’ training methods, it is significantly more cost-effective, it enhances team spirit, and contributes to the development of shared knowledge and culture, while helping individuals to gain team working experience.

In more detail, On The Job Training approach comprises the following steps:

  • Formation of a ‘Leading Team’, responsible for the coordination and implementation of the program
  • Definition of vision, goals, desired results, behaviors and appraisal methods
  • Production of on-the-job training material
  • Training of facilitators Individual and team study of the on-the-job training material
  • Set of individual and team goals, on a weekly and monthly scale
  • Managers observe the process and offer coaching Progress assessment
  • Design of recognition and reward systems Follow-up/ Re-definition of goals